DKI Allies

Arch Angels 
Angels Fury 
Crooked Ass 
Demonic Hellraisers
Demonic Skullz 
Dark Demonz 
Dark Dominion
Dungeon Castors 
Lethal Dominance Inc 
Malicious Soldiers
Nite Stalkers 
Ravens Wraiths 
Souls Of Fire 
Soulz Keepers
Wraith Warriors 
Yahoo Sexies and Protectors
Storm Riders

DKI Friends

Cryogenic Hells 
Cyber Crusaders 
Devils Advocate 
Dragons Of Yahell
Dark Wolves
Death Row
Devoted Spirits
Demon Walkers
Demon Gods
Elite 1
Eternal Silence 
Fire Soulz 
Forgotten Soulz 
Fukin Hostiles
Internal Affairs 
Justice For All
Kooky Angels
Knight Riders 
Kaoz Krew
Mystikal Illusionz
Medieval Knights
Renaissance Under Fire 
Spirit Wolves
Southern Inc 
Seven Deadly Sins
Torchered Soulz 
The Roundtable
Total Vengeance 
Wylde Wolves
Yhell Rough Riders