Application to Join

If you are on this page, that must mean that you are interested in joining the D4rk Kn1ght Inc Family. We appreciate your interest in becoming a part of our wonderful family.

The more information we have about you, the better your chances are of becoming a member. We are not trying to invade your privacy, but merely protecting the family. Knowledge of a possible members abilities, past group affiliations, and various other details, allows us to be safe in who we let into the family. We want to ensure that we have the best possible members in DKI. Members must TRUST in each other and RESPECT what DKI is about.

If you feel you can't or won't follow or our rules, please DON'T ask to be a part of this family. You will be wasting your time as well as ours. We hold firm to our beliefs, and our rules WILL be strictly enforced. We are a family with morals and ethics, and we do our best to hold firm to them. Our rules are not flexible, nor am I in regards to the rules.

If you have read our rules and agree to them, please copy this application and email it to us. To send this application to us, click on the Phoenix Icon below to get to our email. Copy each  question and paste them in the email window and answer each question. You will have to copy each question individually and paste it - Thank you for your time and interest in joining D4rk Kn1ght Inc. TRUST and RESPECT are the keys to everything.

Your name:

Email address:


01) What is your screen name? (So we can contact you)

02) How old are you? (We prefer applicants be at least 18)


04) What room or rooms do you normally chat in?


05) Have you ever been in a group before? If yes, please list ALL groups you have been in - whether the group is still around or if they have fallen.

05-a) Why did you leave that group or why do you want to leave them now?

05-b) Who is the founder of the last group you were in (What is their screen name - we will have to verify you aren't with them anymore)

05-c) Did you leave the group on good or bad terms?

05-d) What was your name in the last group you were in?


06) Please list ALL computer skills you have (Booting, hacking, cracking, site design, programming, Trojans, viruses, etc)


07) Do you know any member of DKI? If so, who?


08) Do you think you will have any problems following our rules?

09) Why do you wish to join our family as opposed to al the other groups out there?


10) Please tell us why we should bring you into our family. What sets you apart from everyone else? What are you bringing to the table?


11) Is there anything else you can tell us that might help influence our decision to bring you into the family?


12) Do you have a problem with any of our friends or allies? Or with any group out there? If so, what group or groups do you have a problem with, and why is there a problem?

We wish to take this time to thank you for your interest in joining our family, and we look forward to hearing from you. We will review this application and get back to you as soon as possible.