Code of Honor
Code of Honor

The Kn1ght's Code 
A Kn1ght is sworn to Valor 
A Kn1ght's heart knows only Virtue 
The Kn1ght's blade Defends the Helpless 
A Kn1ght's might Upholds the Weak 
A Kn1ght knows only Truth 
A Kn1ght's word is their bond 
The Kn1ght's wrath undoes the wicked 
A Kn1ght's Loyalty is cast in stone 
A Kn1ght is Patient, Chivalrous, and Humble in all ways 
A Kn1ght fights the enemy with NO mercy 
A Kn1ght is the Champion of Right and Good 

We are a family with morals, ethics, and virtues. We hold firm to our beliefs and our rules WILL be strictly enforced. Our rules are not flexible, nor am I in regards to the rules. 


  NO member of DKI is to be in another group while in DKI. Anyone found to be in another group will be considered a spy and your name will be stripped immediately. Loyalty to DKI is very important - there is Zero Tolerance for spies. 

We don't use our programs or skills for fun - no matter what. This is a Zero Tolerance policy. We are here to help protect the chartrooms. We will only use our programs and skills when it is necessary. 
No rooms boots are allowed as this is unfair to the room regs. Never load a program in a room - we don't want everyone knowing what programs we use or where we get our toys. 

No member of DKI is to declare war on another family. If there is a problem, inform the Officers and Founders of DKI. We will do al we can to resolve the situation. If a peaceful solution cannot be reached, then war will be declared - only as a last result. We don't go looking for trouble, but we will NOT just sit around and let everyone walk all over us. We WILL defend our name and our family - we will stand strong and proud all the way to the very end. 

NEVER start a fight or do anything to make a situation worse. If any member of DKI starts a fight, they are on their own to handle it, DKI WILL NOT back any member who starts a fight. 

NEVER call in any allies or friends for help. If help needs to be called upon, DKI Officers and Founders will make that decision. This is to prevent possible further problems. 

There will be absolutely NO recruiting from other groups or from Single Parents Rooms 5, 7, and 8. This is considered an act of war and is a Zero Tolerance policy. Violators of this rule will be immediately banished from the DKI Family. We will not risk a war or friendship with another group just because a member wants to be ignorant and cause trouble for us. 

For the protection of our members, no one is allowed in Single Parents Rooms 5, 7, and 8 in their DKI name. If you wish to go to these rooms, please use an alternate name. 

All new members are on a 2 week probation period. NO exceptions. Any member on probation are NOT allowed to use any programs. Violation of this rule will result in a member being placed on parole. If a member messes up in any way while on parole, they will be stripped of their name - no questions asked. 

Single Parents Rooms 5 and 7 are control by Nemesis and Hostile Intentions, and Single Parents Room 8 is controlled by Dldl and Wraith Warriors. Do NOT call DKI into these rooms to handle a problem - contact a member of those groups to handle it. Do NOT claim these rooms as DKI Home Rooms 
Loyalty is very important in DKI. There is always a chance of war or hardships, but it is how we handle these situations that really define who we are and what we are about. We want people who aren't going to quit or run and hide whenever we experience hard times. 

We ask that ALL members of DKI be lit up under your family name at all times. This will allow the leaders to know you are online and will alls us to contact you if we need to. If there is a reason on why you can't be lit up, please inform he leaders of the reason why. If you have a problem with this rule, take it up with one of the Founders. 

All members of DKI are to post a nickname on their profile. You will be instructed on how the nick is to be when the time comes. 

Respect is very important in our family. Members of DKI MUST show respect at all times. Respect must be given before it can be received. By giving respect to others, relationships are built and trust is gained. This family was built on TRUST and RESPECT. Respect WILL be shown in the chartrooms - especially with other groups - AT ALL TIMES 

If you choose to leave our family, you are required to turn in your name and password to the Founders. You do not have to leave the family to take care of family matters or other major life events - you can take a leave of absence (LOA). If you do leave the family, please have respect and let us know you are leaving. 
Anything said between members in a PM, Meeting, Conference, Private Room, or on the Phone is to remain confidential. These things must NOT be repeated to anyone outside the DKI Family, unless authorized by one of the Founders. 

Personal issues or vendettas are your own business. Please do not involve the DKI Family in your affairs such as hatred or disgust towards other people. This is the Internet, its not real life or anything personal. If you pick a fight, you are on your own. Do NOT use your DKI Name in your vendettas. 
If any Officers or Founders call you into a room, you are required to answer the call. There is a reason you were called to the room. 

The Founders will make ALL members accounts. This is for the safety and security of the Family. 
Members may not change their password. If you change the password, you MUST inform the Founders of the new pass. If you change your pass and don't inform the Founders, your name will be stripped immediately. We aren't trying to invade in your account or spy on you, but merely trying to protect the family. Random checks will be made. 

Phoenix is in charge of the D4rk Kn1ght Inc Family as he is the Founder/Owner. The Founders and Officers of DKI will decide on matters relating to the Family together. 
If a meeting is called, it is expected that all members will attend. At this time, there are no regularly scheduled meetings, but should one be called, attendance is mandatory. Ample notice of the meeting will be given. If a member can't make it to the meeting, they need to contact a Founder and inform them that they can't attend and the reason why. 

Truth is all a Kn1ght knows and is not tempted to lie or conceal anything from the fellow Kn1ght's. For without pure truth at all times, the Kn1ghthood is pitted with holes leading to failure and corruption 
When a Kn1ght declares they will do something, they MUST do it. A Kn1ght's word is their bond in all things - Great and Small. To break one's word is to break the TRUST of the Kn1ght's. 

A Kn1ght's Loyalty is the foundation as stone is a foundation. Thus, a Kn1ght's Loyalty is cast in stone. 
A Kn1ght shall be patient in all things, being watchful to understand the situations placed before them. Do not speed your conclusions nor be hasty to reach the next decision. 

To be Chivalrous is to be unified in Kn1ghthood. To act out such chivalry is unswerving devotion to the ceremony of life. A Kn1ght should be humble and not proud, for the Kn1ght's know they are Kn1ght's and others will see this based on our actions. If our actions are stricken with gloating, pride, maliciousness, or evil intent, then you are not a true Kn1ght and this will be discovered and resolved promptly 

Infidels are common in our everyday fight, but are better known as Wankers or Lamers, and a Kn1ght's duty is to show them NO mercy when engaged in combat. Do not sway from the duty of the Kn1ght's, for to do so diminishes the meaning of the Kn1ghthood. 

A Kn1ght shall defend with all your might those who are weaker and in need - if you are able. Do not shirk off this responsibility when the need arises, for a Kn1ght is honor-bound for such a thing. 
Right, Good, Truth, and Justice are the ways of the Kn1ght's. Forever seek them, understand them, defend them, and become their Champion, for the Kn1ght's are the epitome of what is Right and Good. 

Thank you For Supporting Us